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change April 20, 2009

A lot of things are changing right now.

In 5 days Mat and I will be moving out of Toronto. In a few weeks we’ll be graduating from University with philosophy degrees, and next week I’ll be starting a new job with Youth Unlimited!

Therefore, it only seems right to be starting a new blog.

With the help of a good friend, you can continue to read about these changes and all the little art projects I do a long the way at:


My hope is also to use this blog to sell and make designer cards for those seeking invitations for various things like weddings or showers etc. I would also like to document our lives for all those to see as we travel this path set before us by God.

Thank you for reading here at 24photos, and I hope you will continue to read at sweetlimedesign


right now. April 16, 2009

Right now I am…

eating: peppermint tea – okay…so DRINKING peppermint tea.1038450_mint_tea_3

feeling: a wee bit sick to my stomach, and enduring a headache.

listening: to Toby Mac


watching: people in the bookstore search for their spring/summer textbooks.

loving: every last moment I have being at Tyndale, and living in Toronto.

plotting: how to pack up our apartment without my husband finding out.


thinking: about my new job with Youth Unlimited, visiting with friends before we move, and going to the scrapbooking store tomorrow with Katrina…oh and my date on Saturday with the hubs.

hoping: that this headache goes away permanently

and wishing: you all a day filled with blessings from the hand of God.


cork board idea April 11, 2009

I love other people’s blogs.

Especially other creative people.

Soulemama is one of them.

Super cute stuff.

Anyway…I got this cork board from the school that was just going to be thrown in the trash. I rescued it with the firm belief that something useful could be made of it.

Since then it has sat wedged between the wall & my washing machine, awaiting the day for my creative mind to finally get off its lazy butt and think of some way to turn this piece of junk into a work of art.

Well, with the impending move, the poor cork board was once again in danger of being thrown out. BUT Soulemama saved the poor cork board from once again being threatened from the dreaded trash can.

(or recycle bin if that make all you ‘green’ folks out there feel better)

So, my lazy creative mind got of easy this time.

(now its back to lazing around on the couch watching re-runs of M.A.S.H.)



(isn’t it cute?!)


(I love that she gets her kids involved)

So obviously, this isn’t my cork board creation, but when I can, I will do it and share my own version with you.


just what I needed April 9, 2009


This is what I came home to the other night. A beautiful pot of lilies from my husband


They could not have come at a better time – amidst all the stress, sadness, and frustration of my life at this point.


They remind me that God has given me at least one person in this world who loves me, wants to be with me, and cherishes every moment with me…my amazing husband.


a product review and a “how do” April 8, 2009

So those of you, my faithful readers, will recall that I purchased a new heat embossing tool in early March (click here).  I had high hopes of using it in that month, with no avail. April brought new opportunities though that I was happy to take advantage of.

(am I making too much of this?)

My awesome bright pink, *I’ll-never-be-able-to-lose-it-in-a-snow-storm* heat embossing gun from Stampabilities was the highlight of my last card making session.


So if you want to know how to use this thing, I’ll include a little tutorial with my photos.


You will need a stamp (that SHOULD go without saying) and a Versa Mark inkpad. Simply ink the stamp, and press it on to a piece of paper as you would normally.

(is this too basic?)


Then generously sprinkle on embossing powder, making sure the entire stamped image has powder attached to it.


Then at a 45 degree angle, and about an inch away from the paper, simply flick the switch of your heat embossing gun and heat the image until you can see that the powder has become melted, solid, and slightly raised. It should take no more than 15 seconds, depending on the size of your stamped image.

Then voila! You are done!


Though it is difficult to see the dimension of the image, it is bumpy to the touch and adds an extra element to your cards and scrapbooking pages that is fun for someone who is tactile like myself.

As for the Stampability heat embossing gun. I really like it. Though handling it I have to be careful not to hold it over the air intake, that is the only (and slight) flaw that I can see. I would totally recommend it, especially for the price of it ($22 CAD) at Pointer Scrapbooking in Toronto.

Is there any other products or techniques you’d like to learn about? Would ever be interested in an online card making tutorial?


___ & counting. April 7, 2009


April came so subtly.

It hit me the other day when I needed to flip the page on my calendar.


It’s here.

april outside

Even the outdoors have seemed to have changed for April.

(note the OPEN window)

April really is here.

That means there are only days now between us and the inevitable move.

There are so many things I’m just not prepared to say goodbye to.


Our Kitchen



With all its little nick knacks and mementos that we’ve starred at day after day preparing meals….and thats another thing we’ll miss…


…preparing meals for friends and family. Now, we generally do serve more than a boiled egg, but it was all I had in the fridge!

(It was also expired to, but I ate it anyway.)


I’ll miss our friends popping all the little treats we leave out into their mouths, knowing that there is no need to ask if they can have one.


I’ll miss our southwestern decor while its in storage, it makes me happy and warm just looking at it.


I’ll miss our little cactus’ in our one big window.

(I hope they’ll survive the move)


And of course I’ll miss this little guy

(and his fan club)

However, I am looking forward to:

My new job with Youth Unlimited (Youth for Christ)

Continuing the house hunt, to find that one place that we can welcome our friends and family into.

Reconnecting with old and semi-old friends.

Getting involved with the church again and finding a way to best serve there.

Hooking up with the scrapbooking community that is thriving in Quinte West.

Looking into classes to take on the side, like cake decorating, photography.

Investing time and energy into starting our own small businesses (in photography and hopefully card making).

Starting our own family.

It’s sad to leave, but exciting to go.

But did April have to come to quickly?


*april*give away* April 2, 2009

I got the idea for these from my dear friend Kelly. They were oodles of fun to make and I ended up giving a whole bunch away, but I have a few left…the napkin rings below I plan on keeping…my mom gave me the awesome turquoise napkins! She’s so cool.


Again, my camera does NOT do them justice by capturing the right colors.

(If anyone knows a solution for this PLEASE leave a comment! I feel so silly to having a blog title boasting some sort of photography talent when I can’t even figure out how to take pictures in my own house!)


I have a few more of these flowers laying around some of them are hair clips, and other random things.

Leave a comment and at the end of the month (April 30)  I’ll  randomly pick a winner. Please be sure to leave your email address so I can contact you if you win! Good Luck!